Dasarang Chicken House

Dasarang, the sarang, for the love of chicken… Doesn’t it sound poetic enough? The famous Korean chicken house is now in Daejeon!


Billy Angel Cake

If Heaven has a cake cafe, this one will absolutely fit! This is the perfectly heavenly theme of Billy Angel Cake company…

With Spoon – Korean Fusion Buffet

If you’ll ever stop at Daejeon’s Terminal Complex (대전복합터미날), the nearby Homeplus building houses the “With Spoon” buffet. This simple yet elegant restaurant has its own creativity that will have you tumble over (like whoah! ) And for that, you’ll get to know at the end of this blog post…

Tonkatsu House in Seongnam

A fusion cafe-restaurant has taken roots in Seongnam, Seoul! Yeah, literally, roots of a tree. Inside the cutely bear-themed restaurant…Their menu boasts of different styles and flavors of Tonkatsu and udong. Interestingly, they also serve pasta, rice and even cafe lattes and beer!