NH Fresh & Grilled Beef


Fresh raw beef, anyone?

I know most are familiar eating raw seafood, thanks to the Japanese who made sushi and sashimi popular all over the world. And now, here in Yeongcheon, Korea, you can also enjoy raw beef.

Yep, it’s not your regular seafood sushi. It’s made up of cow meat.

Nonghyup, one of Korea’s largest company, does not only deal with your bank transactions, but they also do own a farm, a fresh meat shop and a luxurious unlimited-meat (무한레필) restaurant.

2017-03-01 14.34.20

We  had to wait for our number since it was a holiday and there were a lot of customers. Outside the buffet restaurant, there’s a meat shop selling different cuts and parts of cow and pig meat. Inside, the place looks high-end and the staff were very accommodating and professional. They served the side dishes first together with the raw beef. We ordered two kinds of raw beef: the fresh and the grilled.

2017-03-01 13.21.28

It was my first time tasting a raw beef. They call it Yukhwe 육회. I was afraid that uncooked beef will cause stomach troubles. Have you ever heard of tapeworms? I read it in a science book I used to read in my grade school days. :/ I was hesitant to try it but I had to eat them anyways, for experience.

2017-03-01 13.26.28

They will give you your own plate with lots of sliced onions and soy sauce. The raw beef was supposed to go with it. Those wiggly-looking things were grated ginseng (they said).  

I was surprised it tasted really good! I remembered those savory canned corned beef from my country, but with a sashimi texture. After eating, I didn’t have any stomach troubles either. If you search the internet, there were actually reports of sickness (and even death) of those who ate raw beef. Yikes!

Would I try it again? Sure but perhaps only in this restaurant. I bet only certified meat distributors and restaurants can serve this kind. Perhaps, that’s the reason why it’s expensive, but it’s good nonetheless.

So, the other raw beef was used for grilling, and you cook and eat them like galbi samgyupsal. Grilled beef was tasty. Since they were using a special type of charcoal, the smoky roasted flavor was outstanding. You can eat them either wrapped in samchu (lettuce) with ssamjang (soybean paste) or drenched in soy sauce and onions. It was unlimited refill so we were able to eat a lot of beef. We ate ’til full and I can say beef is really heavy for the stomach.

2017-03-01 13.18.38 2017-03-01 13.18.58

Overall, it was really good but expensive. Actually I have no idea of the exact price because it was a lunch-out and I didn’t have to pay. Haha. Anyway, this restaurant was in a rural(?) area in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsan Province.

Go and have a heavy meal that will surely satisfy your beefy cravings!


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