Wild Wild Sushi!


OurKoreanStory goes wild in Wild Sushi!

Today’s lunch was with a Korean friend who speaks English pretty well. It was past 1 P.M. when we met at Yeungnam University station 영대역 and was terribly hungry. We felt like we wanted to eat either seafood or sushi, so she searched Naver in her phone for 스시 영대 Sushi in Yeongdae.

After what seemed a maze of alleys, we passed by an intersection and the restaurant appeared like a wild Pokemon! (No, we’re not playing Pokemon Go). A simple but delectable sushi restaurant hidden deep into the wild… in the midst of a hustling vicinity of Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan–Wild Sushi 와일드스시.


Wild Sushi is actually a franchise restaurant started in downtown Daegu. In 2012, they only have 3 branches: Dongseong-ro, Keimyung University and  Kyungbuk University[1]. Now, they’ve branched out to Yeungnam University. Seemed like they’re targeted to university students craving for sushi–simple and relatively cheap.



There were not a lot of tables and spaces so that it looks like a mini-restaurant. The menu is displayed on the wall but there’s also menu booklet on each table.

We ordered the couple set which was their best seller in the menu. The couple set includes spicy udong, chicken salad and sushi set, all for 35,000 KRW. 


A Korean-Japanese fusion, 우동 udong

The udong was served first. It was hot and nice to eat as it was raining cold outside. The taste was just normal. I regretted mixing them because there was a lot of pepper powder sprinkled on top and it became so spicy that it causes me to cough. We ended up eating only the fish cakes and noodles and couldn’t even finish it.


Chicken Mustard Salad

Served next is the chicken salad. It was, I can say, one of the most interesting salad I had so far. The combination of fried chicken, iceberg lettuce, sliced apples, pineapple, peach, and bits of almond and cranberries, drenched in honey mustard dressing… it’s magic! Tangy sweet and savory chicken! Who doesn’t love fried chicken?! And there’s even sliced boiled egg on the side.


Apple shreds, brilliant!

And here comes the sushi we’re all craving for…


A wild Sushi appeared!!

Sushi is life, says my Korean friend. We were speechless indulging in those fresh sushi. There were 10 varieties of sushi and 7 of them came in twos. Best of them was the salmon sushi. And there’s also roasted beef which was interestingly delicious!


What I didn’t like in general was the amount of wasabi they put inside the sushi. One of them had too much that I stopped for a while to breathe! I would prefer a separate wasabi paste and soy sauce aside.


It was drizzling outside so we were just taking time to eat and have conversation. We had a huge catch-up after not being able to meet for a month and we also talked about our plans. Sharing stories over a meal is pure happiness. 🙂

Looking at the restaurant’s logo, I noticed that it was established since 1998. Wow, 19 years. Pretty well-established. And I’m not sure what S&P stands for… sushi & pasta? sushi & pizza? Anyways, it was a good fusion restaurant. We ate ’til full!

The interior was nice, EXCEPT the toilet. I was surprised that it was like a public toilet (you will have to walk outside) and it wasn’t really clean either. Their trash and food stocks were on the way (a sack of onions, anyone?) I wish they would improve on this!

All in all, it was good and satisfying, although there are better sushi restaurants (and buffets) out there which will be around the same price as this one. Nevertheless, the chicken salad and sushi is indeed a wonderful fusion!


cute countertop plants screaming kawaii desu~ ^_^

This morning, my Teacher told us to not just ‘say’ that the food is tasty and good, but go there and eat! Then your body will absorb the nutrients and respond with a good health. Likewise, do not just end up thinking and living a conceptual life, but take action and live an existential life!

Yep, you heard it, go visit this place if you come to Yeungnam University!


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