Ice Skating in Daejeon

Daejeon International goes Ice Skating!

OurKoreanStory is back with the Daejeon International team!

The coldest month in Korea has come. Snow piled up to a few inch. It would be nice to just stay cozy warm inside homes… but, nope! Not the style for the young spirited people like us! 😉

Together with our international friends, we went for ice skating at Daejeon EXPO. This skating rink is available only for a limited time until February, so why not take this chance for a fun activity? (Check out our Vlog too!)


This is the Daejeon EXPO park. In winter, it turns into a rink. But on different seasons, other events are held here. The rink is not very big, maybe a bit smaller than in Philippine’s SM Mall of Asia, but there’s more than enough space for us (we were 17 in the group). Fortunately, there were not a lot of people either.


The skating fee is only for ₩1,000 per head for 1 hour and there is ₩300 discount if you come in a group of 20! We were already 17 so we tried to talk with some incoming Koreans to form the group with us. However, negotiations failed… but that’s okay! It was easier to pay in whole anyways. Haha. A ticket was handed to each person and you have to keep it because it will be taken by a person guarding the entrance gate of the rink.

You have to know your shoe size in millimeters. That’s how Koreans take their shoe measurements. The skating shoes are available next to the ticketing window and you have to tell the person-in-charge your shoe size so he will get the correct ones for you.

Lockers for your belongings are also available for ₩500. We came in a large group so we just put our things and shoes in the benches right outside the rink. A rack for the helmets can be found next to the rink. Safety first!

Time for some glide!

Skating for the first time, it feels a little difficult and scary. Without confidence, one can try  holding on to the side rails at first to avoid falling (But I kept hitting on my bottom for several times anyways, haha!). Surely, I can’t just stay at the sides! It took time to feel like pushing away from those rails. Best thing is that you have a lot of friends to help you go through it!


Figure skaters be like

They said, the trick is to not keep your feet parallel unless you are in for a glide. Also you have to learn about balancing your body weight to avoid falling backwards (which I always do!) After some time, I notice that I kind of strained my legs and knees. Also trying to grab on to someone or to the rails will strain your arms. I guess, it all depends on where you put your body weight. I still couldn’t figure it out. I am already thinking of signing up for a skating lesson someday. Haha. It surely needs practice… a lot of it! Take that from someone who had lived in a tropical country where ice skating rinks in a summer-like weather costs a lot.

If you watch our video here, you will see that ‘the struggle is real’! But even through the struggles, you can surely get along with the help of those who knows how, as long as you don’t give up!

Anyways, our friends-turned-skating-coach really helped us in detail! Though we came from different nations, we become harmonious as one, and that’s wonderful like flowing waterfalls! I am really thankful for them. In the end, it was all a whole lot of fun!




Goofing around these huge (and cute) snowman and penguin balloons!

This ice skating rink is in Daejeon EXPO Plaza 대전엑스포시민광장 located at Yuseong-gu, Daejeon. From Tanbang-dong 탄방동, in front of the Lotte Mall, you can take the 618 bus to Daejeon Arts Center and then a 10-minute walk to Daejeon Expo (see map below).  A good landmark is the Hanbit 한빛 Tower and the EXPO Bridge arches. There are a lot more places to see in Daejeon EXPO. Check it out!

Meet the crazily fun but loving Daejeon International team! We are from Philippines, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Germany, Australia, France, New Zealand, and South Africa.



‘Til ouR next Korean Story! 🙂

(Disclaimer: Pictures are taken and owned by Krystal)

Visit the ice skating rink website in Korean:


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