7 Reasons Why We Love Korea


Because of the latest craze of youths on K-pop, people might think that South Korea is just all about these girl- and boy- groups. There’s certainly more to this country than these idol groups! Here are 7 reasons why we love Korea:

                                               IN PHOTO: at a Korean Restaurant in Incheon, 2015

1. Korean Cuisine

“Mashissoyo!” — is one thing you will definitely exclaim when you eat local cuisines in Korea. Koreans are best in producing harmonious blend of tastes from meat, vegetables, and spices with all sorts of  side dishes. There are more to taste than your normal kimchi. Read more about our food adventures in different cities in Korea.

2 copy
                                    IN PHOTO: at King Sejong Statue, Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul, 2013

2. Hangul

Korean language is not difficult to learn as you might think. When King Sejong created Hangul, he took the individual letters (jamo) from nature such as human, earth, and sky. Hangul is indeed easy to learn and is closer to our hearts. Read more about Korean language here.


                                                  IN PHOTO: inside a subway, INCHEON, 2013

3. Transportation System

You can expect that heavy road traffic is very minimal. This is mainly due to their highly organized transportation system. As most Koreans highly valued time, buses and trains leave and arrive at the exact time specified. City buses only pick up passengers at bus stops and does not overload. Subways are highly efficient. Paying fares is just a tap away. Bicycles and motorcycles can be hardly seen on the roads. Private cars generally follow traffic rules and speed limits, unless you want to receive penalty mails at your door. Read more about our experiences and adventures in travelling Korea.


                                             IN PHOTO: winter in Geochang, Gyeongnam-do, 2015

4. Fashion Trends

Just as seasons change, Korean fashion also change. Koreans have high regards in their looks and fashion. In spring, floral prints are trendy. Bright and lightweight clothes are a must in summer. You can wear earthy long-sleeved clothes to blend in autumn. And get ready your fur coats and thermal wears in a freezing cold winter. Read more about Korean fashion style and tips here.


                                           IN PHOTO: at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul, 2015

5. Technology

Turn on your Wi-fi and you’ll get connected to the fastest internet connection in the world! From smartphones to washing machines, their advancing technologies greatly saves your time and effort. What else can you get from the country that produces well-known technological products and automobiles such as Samsung and Hyundai? Effortlessly high-speed! Read more about unique Korean technologies here.


                                       IN PHOTO: at the KOREAN WAR MUSEUM, SEOUL, 2014

6. Phil-Kor History

Did you know that Philippines and Korea have strong bonds because of their past history? Philippines sent more than 7,000 Filipino troops to help Koreans win the Korean war in the late 1950’s. Read more about Korean war history here.


                                              IN PHOTO: near Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, 2013

7. Love for country

Despite the long years of colonization, Koreans never waver in loving their country. They were able to preserve their own culture and tradition which is important in defining their national identity. They support their own culture and goods, and help each other to raise their country. One cannot do this if they don’t have love for their country. Read more about Korean tradition and culture here.

These are just fundamental reasons. We will post more stories soon!

Overall, we can say, Korea is indeed love. 🙂


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